Alpha 1

Fixed up some final bits and decided to call it the first alpha build since it’s “playable”, although there isn’t anything terribly interesting to do yet. But it’s working. You can walk around the map perspective using the WASD keys.

Click here to play. 

Alpha 1
2014-02-05 (10:35PM)
- Movement added for character.
- Draw order sorting
- Collision detection with solid objects.
- Collision detection to prevent walking over places with no tiles.
[X] Collision tiles.
[X] Collide with right.
[X] Collide with left.
[X] Collide with up.
[X] Collide with down.
[X] Do not allow to walk on areas with no floor tiles.
[X] Draw-order sorting.
[X] Higher object.y's are drawn first (lower sort order).
[X] Update tile position based on screen position.
[X] Make instantiated TileObjects have proper names in the editor.

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