PuzzleScript Analyzer

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This is just a quick post about some ongoing work I’m doing regarding PuzzleScript. I’ve been quite intrigued with these ‘one-page’ scripting languages that allows one to create entire games. Something similar is PyVGDL (Python Video Game Description Language). Mike Cook has a much better post on his website about both┬áso it’s probably best to check out what he has to say about this there.

Anyway, most of my work currently is speculative and in its early-stages. However, I’m trying to keep all my work hosted on Github. The first step was to get a simple parser working, which I’ve managed to get done. The code is a uncommented at the moment, but I’m hoping to organize things over the course of my development and research. The parser currently parses PuzzleScript games and stores them into some Python classes and data structures that I’ve created in order to facilitate further work with them. More information as things progress.

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